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Criteria for the “C” list Proposed


Introductory Statement: The Cirneco dell’Etna Club welcomes applications from people wanting to join our judging list. We like them to furnish as much detail as possible about their experience, both with dogs in general and Cirnechi in particular. We also need to know their depth of experience in showing, breeding, handling or working with dogs generally. Those who have not judged before should not be put off from applying because they do not think their experience is wide enough; we realise people have to start somewhere and we would like them to start with us. We intend to form a vigorous and effective C list of starters who will eventually make their way upward. We shall use common sense about including overseas judges who cannot always provide the records needed to prove they meet our criteria.

Cirnechi breeders should note that those who do not observe the Clubs Code of Ethics might be excluded from the judging list.

Method of Compilation: The Cirneco Club judging list is compiled by a sub committee comprising Club members, the requisite number of whom are active in Cirnechi and have previously awarded CC’s in other Hound breeds. The method of compilation is as follows:

1.       By 1st December each year, nominations for the list are received by the judging list coordinator, either from members or persons applying independently.

2.       Nominations are passed to the Judges sub- committee.

3.        Approval for inclusion is determined by secret ballot by the sub- committee.

4.        Allocation to a particular list depends on the person meeting the various criteria as agreed by the sub- committee.

5.        The list expires on 31st December of the following year.


C List:   For aspirant judges who have shown an interest in the breed and who have the  support of the Club. All judges shall present for publication, knowledgeable, written critiques.



            There is currently no judges on the list.

  * (A3 list or lower) Judges who have passed the Cirneco dell’Etna Club’s Judging Assessment

            Updated Feb 2013